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Residential Sprinkler Protection - Accreditations

At Residential Sprinkler Protection we recognise the need for our customers to know that we are fully competent and capable of designing and installing fire sprinkler systems to the standard set out within BS9251:2005 and that our certification is acceptable to all interested parties such as insurers, building control, the fire service etc.  We have therefore been fully assessed by the third party certification body, FIRAS, who continually monitor our designs and installations and audit our fire sprinkler systems of work to ensure our sprinkler systems are to the required standard.  A FIRAS Certificate of Conformity is issued on all systems that have been installed in compliance with the standard.

We were the first Firas accredited Residential & Domestic fire sprinkler installers in Wales

Firas - Certification

firas certificate or registration of Residential Sprinkler protection installer

Xact - Certification

xact certificate of registration of Fire sprinkler systems installation and maintenance

Firas accredited fire sprinkler installerxact accredited fire sprinkler installer

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