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Why Fire Sprinklers

Whereas a smoke detector simply detects, an alarm alerts, and a fire extinguisher or hose reel requires someone to possibly risk their life in fighting a fire, a fire sprinkler system could be described as a fire fighter in every room!. Sprinkler systems detect, alert, and extinguish the fire.

There are also other benefits, including:-

  • Most fires are extinguished or controlled by 4 or less sprinkler heads activating (most often just one head operates), with each head discharging around 50 litres of water per minute. If the Fire service attend a fire, each fire hose would discharge anything up to 1,000 litres per minute into the premises.
  • There is no recorded loss of life in a fire occurring in a premises protected by fire sprinklers.
  • Sprinkler systems are virtually maintenance free.
  • The installation of a sprinkler system affords certain design freedoms in new builds where relaxations in other fire strategy requirements (eg fire doors, compartmentation, travel distance, etc) can be negotiated.

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